Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Attachment comes with the pain and grief. It is a part of the mind not our soul. Once instructed by Lord Budha that a person should be desire less. The major reason to this statement is that when we get attached to something then we start fearing losing it which results into the negative behaviours. Once we lose something we are attached to makes us furious and angry. We also lie and betray when we want to hold on to something which we know that is not ours. In the state of being attached to something we might also become greedy for more and more than what we already have with us. It makes us obsessive and lustful. Whenever we are attached we may become selfish too. So attachment is like a dark pitfall from where one can’t escape easily.
The attachment of oneself can take it to its self-destruction, even if we at the animals. For say, if you look at the bee’s, their attachment to the taste takes them to the heart of fragrant flowers and takes its life by closing in on it. If we compare the human lives with others they are flooded with physical impressions from the world to which we become attached. Just imagine if only one sense can overpower an insect, then what about human beings who have been given five senses.

Attachment is a serious blockage to experiencing the soul as we become so focused on something that we are attached to which bothers us to find our soul. We lose our all concentration to do the things which are useful for us when we lose that with which are too attached. We start seeking the fulfillment in the outer transitory world that we do not stop for the permanent fulfillment awaiting within us as we also become so determined to regaining what we have lost earlier. Attachment keeps our mind control and makes us so obsessed with getting what we desire then we do not look at our limits to get it. Their means of getting it can be violent, cheating, stealing and lots more.

Attachment “The root of the suffering is attachment.” - Budha
Detachment is the soul’s true state and it does not mean disinterest or boredom. Instead by detachment we mean that we live in the world like swan lives in the water. A swan can swim in the water as well as fly with the dry wings in the air. We always try our best to make the best of the life to keep us alive. Doing best efforts to earn our livelihood, to fulfill our duties and responsibilities towards our families and societies. Humans are always ready to accept what comes to them and also accept what is taken from them but they are not attached. We know that everything is created by God and we live in such a manner that everything is a property of God. Whatever is meant for us is given to us as a part of gift and loan. We take what comes to us with an acceptance and thankfulness. When the time our loan is finished then we surrender what we have with thanks for it and never curse the same as our fate.
We should try resisting giving in to all the desires of our mind and we should honor the contentment for what is ours in the depth of our souls if we want peace in our lives.
We can create a bar for the door of never-ending desires knocking to get in, through practicing meditation. The best way is to avoid the desires is to sit in the perseverance of our soul which will bring about the peace and contentment. We remain unattached when our soul is empowered by the regular meditation. We are truly free if we can live in a manner in which we are not attached to any momentary things in the world.

Friday, 19 May 2017

The Key to a Positive Change

A key to a Positive Change
Positive Change
As we move forward to the months of New Year, let us make a new resolution to become more positive and successful in fulfilling our dreams. New Year is the best time to look ahead towards the accomplishment of our goals. Let us forget the old patterns of behaviours to avoid any kind of pitfalls come in our way. What we can do is forget the bad memories and take the good memories with us because they encourage the future growth. Having a thought of painful or bad incidents from our past leads to dwelling on thoughts of hatred, anger, regret and lots more negative thoughts. We waste our time by reliving what has already happened rather we could move forward with our future goals. Keeping the same painful memories which are like a bad movie we lose the precious time to write happier movies. We can actually begin the New Year with a clean board to write the good we want to see happening in our future. Many people’s tendency is to repeat the same negative patterns of behaviour.

“The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.”

If you repeatedly keep thinking about the past failures then we may engrain deeper imprints in our head and emphasize those actions. Instead we should try practicing new habits which will lead to better outcomes. Just for say, when we have a new wound in our body, we have to leave it alone to let it heal soon. But if keep tickling it then we would come to reopen the wound, making it worse. In the same way if we keep replaying the wounds from the past failures, we keep the wound fresh. To heal the previous wound we must forget about what caused it. For the people who are setting up the new spiritual goals and yet we have not practiced it in the previous year then let us forget the past thing and make a new schedule for daily meditation. In addition that, if somehow we have not lived up to the ethical virtues in the past, we can forget about what we have done in the past and start anew to lead a life of truthfulness, non-violence, humanity and selfless service. Try not to harbour any anger towards anyone, take a deep breath and let us forget about the same situation which caused the anger and begin anew with that relationship.

In the classroom, each day the previous lessons are being erased from the board so that there is a clean board to post the new lesson. Likewise, we can erase the previous year’s negativity to start a fresh New Year. We can write new things containing a schedule of meditation, positive steps to achieve new goals and starts living the life of ethical virtues. By doing so, we will have more time to move forward instead of pedalling backwards. In the result of which we will find that we have gone beyond than reach over goals that too peacefully and happily.

Saturday, 13 May 2017


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been practiced by many people for centuries. There are so many new benefits have also been discovered which is resulting in the popularity of meditation among people. Meditation has been proven beneficial for both our bodies and minds. People are realizing and additional advantage and tremendous benefits spiritual meditation has for our soul.

Benefits of Meditation for the Body

Doctors have observed many harmful effects of stress on our physical health. In the course of meditation our body is relaxed and our stress and tensions are relieved.  It has been shown in studies that in the state of meditation brain waves function at a frequency of 4-10 hertz, which gives us a sensation of peace and completely relax our body. Meditation helps the body in many proven ways such as lowered blood pressure, improved sleep patterns, a reduced sensation of pain and enhances immune systems. Whenever we practice the Jyoti and Shabd meditation we naturally experience these benefits.

Benefit of Meditation
Benefits of Meditation for the Mind

You have been observed that during a day our mind is always filled with a number of thoughts but when we sit in the silence and in meditation, our focus shifts on the seat of the soul, the third eye and we commence to quiet the mind. Our mind becomes peaceful and do not get bothered by the problems we face around us. Meditation helps us attaining sustain concentration. With reduced stress and tension, renewed energy coupled with concentration helps us achieve success in our worldly activities. This is how we become more efficient and productive plus better equipped to deal with the life challenges.

Benefits of Meditation for the Soul

The two types of meditation not only benefits the body and the mind but the soul as well. A part of God, our soul is separated from its divine source. And by practicing Shabd meditation we can return to our true place. As we connect with the powerful current of light and sound within us, it empowers our soul and we rise up in the dimensions of higher consciousness. This is a purely spiritual experience. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj encourages us to meditate regularly. The empowered soul is our true nature and a tremendous source of wisdom, love, and power. By focussing our attention within we are able to experience the connections with God and inner realms and also fulfilling the true purpose of our existence.

Benefits of Meditation for World Peace

When we practice meditation, we starts looking every living thing as a part of God. You can say this is the profound realization which brings about the fundamental change in our lives. We begin to consider them part of our family and love all people equally. If every person starts attaining inner peace through meditation and love all, then it will not be long before peace conquers on this planet. This is how we will live in peace and harmony. And our personal attainment of peace will contribute to the happiness and peace of the earth.

SantRajinder Singh Ji says, It is a divine spirit inside us from which our wisdom and intelligence is derived. And we call the process of gaining that divine spirit and wisdom is meditation. We can have the key to human unity if we convert our knowledge to wisdom through practicing meditation. Ultimately these transformations will bring about the peace and unity among communities nationally and global levels.

Friday, 12 May 2017


The Art of Meditaion

Art of Meditation

Every spiritual tradition recommends same form of meditation to help achieve a peaceful life. Whether you call it prayer with attention or contemplation it is the best way of getting a fulfilling life. We can experience bliss and happiness unlike anywhere in this world.

There are two types of meditation which Sant Rajinder Singh Ji tells us: that’s Jyoti and Shabd meditation. We can focus on the inner light by the technique of Jyoti  meditation. And Shabd meditation is a higher level technique taught at the time of initiation, which focuses on the inner light and sound.
Divine light and sound of god are found in every religion. We call it by different names as Shabd, The Holy Word, Voice of Silence, and lots more in various religions.

Aiming our Attention

All day long our thoughtfulness, the external expression of our soul, remains going out into the world through our five senses of sight, smell, sound taste, and touch. Through Jyoti and Shabd meditation, we withdraw our attention from the outer world and focus it at the seat of the soul, the third eye, located between and behind the two eyebrows.

When we learn the art of meditation, then we can collect our attention at the third eye and also come in the contact with the sound and light of God which is in each and all of us. We can easily have bliss on the spiritual journey through the divine connection of God. The best part of the meditation is the joy found when we focus within stays with us even if u keep up with your daily activities.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Selfless-Service Throws Open Opportunities

Serve Oneanother

Nowadays, we get to hear lot in media about the people who are famous. We usually get inspired by the stories of those people who risks their lives to save someone else. Those who have helped humanity and lost their lives in the process are raised to martyrdom. This happens rarely that someone choose to giving up his life in order to save someone else’s life. Actually there are lot of opportunities we come across daily to help somebody in lot of ways. That sacrifice may be of any kind, like money, time or skills. As seen, there is no shortage of opportunities to give something for common good.  
"A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who really deeply cares."
There is one great story of a wealthy man. The man was working with a layer in preparing hi will because the lawyer was really impressed with both the money he had accumulated and the numbers of people are there who is serving him. The man felt that he is succeed in his life as lot of people are serving him.
Now it’s a turn for his judgement. He was actually feeling that he will get a good placement in heaven just because he had been so successful in life. When his turn came, the angel did not approve his entry in heaven through the entire record he has.
He asked angel that what do you mean? “Didn’t you see how successful I was and how many people served me?
Then the reply from angel came as “For entry in heaven we do not measure records of hom many people have served you instead how many people you have served. Unluckily, your entry in heaven is denied, because you have served only yourself in your life.
This story indicates a powerful lesson. So many people focus on building up their own empires. Through this they disregard the purpose for which God have granted him the human body. People who live for others are true human beings. Consider which people from history are best remembered. Are they the people who had others serving them, or are they the ones who served others? There are some scriptures say that if God wanted only devotion; the angels were there for that purpose. But God wanted to create beings that would serve others, thus God created humans.
 As life is full of opportunities to do selfless-services for others. We can help by doing spiritual service, intellectual and physical. And physical services are those activities which are performed to meet their primary needs in life which are shelter, food, clothing and safety.
There is also an intellectual need. Many people are there who fulfil the intellectual needs of the society- Professors, teachers, journalists and writers. There is an inherent need in humanity to find out about God and to know who they are. Service of the soul is helping seekers satisfy their spiritual quest.
If one wants to truly perform the selfless service then one must act without any desire for a reward and gratitude. One must be motivated by the innate desire to help each other. Truly selfless people don't expect anything in return for their deeds. In the act of giving, one forgets own needs and wants. In fact selfless service brings about the highest reward- that is Divine Grace. And this is the most desirable gift we can have through selfless service. Our heart expands and our soul opens up, whenever we help someone. As our love for others flows out, God's love for us can pour in.  

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Ethical Living- A stepping stone to spirituality

Ethical Living
Living an ethical life is an essential part for the spiritual growth. Saints always stress on the importance on living an ethical life and following it through the ages.
Our regular practice remain to save our homes from intruders but in actual how many of us bother about the intruders who enters our real home, our mind and body. Unintentionally, we have allowed some robbers to enter our real home and they are causing chaos. And these are the robbers like greed, attachment, anger and ego.
The way we always being so careful about keeping the thieves out of our homes, have we ever bothered the same way to keep away the robbers of negativities from our inner home? Somehow they have sneakily and silently snuck into us. Following are the causes they make within us:
·        They cause us to be angry.
·        They provoke impure thoughts within us.
·        They make us tell lies and be deceitful.
·        They make us greedy and selfish.
·        They cause us intolerant and filled with hatred towards others.
The conclusion of this is that they are becoming the thieves of our true gift- spiritual life. In spite of growing spirituality we are getting trapped up in the bad traits.
The true wealth in our life is our soul and connection to God within us. For the bad activities of these thieves we cannot miss the wealth we have within us. These thieves become the obstacle whenever we want to meditate. When we try to become ethical people, these thieves drag us in their never ending play of insanity. When we want to be selfless, they keep us occupied in the thoughts of our own needs. And this is how we are losing the peace of our mind. We try to be calm but they drag us into the state of turmoil.
Our soul is filled with goodness and virtues like purity, truthfulness, humanity, love for everyone, non-violence and selfless services. Unluckily the influence of our mind on our soul is so powerful that keeps us engaged in activities that are not honorable or divine. Soul is a drop of lord but the mind distracts in the activities that keep us engaged in greed, anger and attachment.  These traits that hold the mind are not good for our spiritual growth and ethical living.
How can we get rid of these robbers?
The robbers usually run away when they see the police. Now who can be the police officer who can help get rid of the robbers who have taken possession of our mind. The Masters have given us the police officer of meditation.
By practicing the art of meditation, we can get away the thieves, who are becoming the obstacle in our union with the God.