Friday, 19 May 2017

The Key to a Positive Change

A key to a Positive Change
Positive Change
As we move forward to the months of New Year, let us make a new resolution to become more positive and successful in fulfilling our dreams. New Year is the best time to look ahead towards the accomplishment of our goals. Let us forget the old patterns of behaviours to avoid any kind of pitfalls come in our way. What we can do is forget the bad memories and take the good memories with us because they encourage the future growth. Having a thought of painful or bad incidents from our past leads to dwelling on thoughts of hatred, anger, regret and lots more negative thoughts. We waste our time by reliving what has already happened rather we could move forward with our future goals. Keeping the same painful memories which are like a bad movie we lose the precious time to write happier movies. We can actually begin the New Year with a clean board to write the good we want to see happening in our future. Many people’s tendency is to repeat the same negative patterns of behaviour.

“The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.”

If you repeatedly keep thinking about the past failures then we may engrain deeper imprints in our head and emphasize those actions. Instead we should try practicing new habits which will lead to better outcomes. Just for say, when we have a new wound in our body, we have to leave it alone to let it heal soon. But if keep tickling it then we would come to reopen the wound, making it worse. In the same way if we keep replaying the wounds from the past failures, we keep the wound fresh. To heal the previous wound we must forget about what caused it. For the people who are setting up the new spiritual goals and yet we have not practiced it in the previous year then let us forget the past thing and make a new schedule for daily meditation. In addition that, if somehow we have not lived up to the ethical virtues in the past, we can forget about what we have done in the past and start anew to lead a life of truthfulness, non-violence, humanity and selfless service. Try not to harbour any anger towards anyone, take a deep breath and let us forget about the same situation which caused the anger and begin anew with that relationship.

In the classroom, each day the previous lessons are being erased from the board so that there is a clean board to post the new lesson. Likewise, we can erase the previous year’s negativity to start a fresh New Year. We can write new things containing a schedule of meditation, positive steps to achieve new goals and starts living the life of ethical virtues. By doing so, we will have more time to move forward instead of pedalling backwards. In the result of which we will find that we have gone beyond than reach over goals that too peacefully and happily.


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