Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Attachment comes with the pain and grief. It is a part of the mind not our soul. Once instructed by Lord Budha that a person should be desire less. The major reason to this statement is that when we get attached to something then we start fearing losing it which results into the negative behaviours. Once we lose something we are attached to makes us furious and angry. We also lie and betray when we want to hold on to something which we know that is not ours. In the state of being attached to something we might also become greedy for more and more than what we already have with us. It makes us obsessive and lustful. Whenever we are attached we may become selfish too. So attachment is like a dark pitfall from where one can’t escape easily.
The attachment of oneself can take it to its self-destruction, even if we at the animals. For say, if you look at the bee’s, their attachment to the taste takes them to the heart of fragrant flowers and takes its life by closing in on it. If we compare the human lives with others they are flooded with physical impressions from the world to which we become attached. Just imagine if only one sense can overpower an insect, then what about human beings who have been given five senses.

Attachment is a serious blockage to experiencing the soul as we become so focused on something that we are attached to which bothers us to find our soul. We lose our all concentration to do the things which are useful for us when we lose that with which are too attached. We start seeking the fulfillment in the outer transitory world that we do not stop for the permanent fulfillment awaiting within us as we also become so determined to regaining what we have lost earlier. Attachment keeps our mind control and makes us so obsessed with getting what we desire then we do not look at our limits to get it. Their means of getting it can be violent, cheating, stealing and lots more.

Attachment “The root of the suffering is attachment.” - Budha
Detachment is the soul’s true state and it does not mean disinterest or boredom. Instead by detachment we mean that we live in the world like swan lives in the water. A swan can swim in the water as well as fly with the dry wings in the air. We always try our best to make the best of the life to keep us alive. Doing best efforts to earn our livelihood, to fulfill our duties and responsibilities towards our families and societies. Humans are always ready to accept what comes to them and also accept what is taken from them but they are not attached. We know that everything is created by God and we live in such a manner that everything is a property of God. Whatever is meant for us is given to us as a part of gift and loan. We take what comes to us with an acceptance and thankfulness. When the time our loan is finished then we surrender what we have with thanks for it and never curse the same as our fate.
We should try resisting giving in to all the desires of our mind and we should honor the contentment for what is ours in the depth of our souls if we want peace in our lives.
We can create a bar for the door of never-ending desires knocking to get in, through practicing meditation. The best way is to avoid the desires is to sit in the perseverance of our soul which will bring about the peace and contentment. We remain unattached when our soul is empowered by the regular meditation. We are truly free if we can live in a manner in which we are not attached to any momentary things in the world.


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