Saturday, 13 May 2017


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been practiced by many people for centuries. There are so many new benefits have also been discovered which is resulting in the popularity of meditation among people. Meditation has been proven beneficial for both our bodies and minds. People are realizing and additional advantage and tremendous benefits spiritual meditation has for our soul.

Benefits of Meditation for the Body

Doctors have observed many harmful effects of stress on our physical health. In the course of meditation our body is relaxed and our stress and tensions are relieved.  It has been shown in studies that in the state of meditation brain waves function at a frequency of 4-10 hertz, which gives us a sensation of peace and completely relax our body. Meditation helps the body in many proven ways such as lowered blood pressure, improved sleep patterns, a reduced sensation of pain and enhances immune systems. Whenever we practice the Jyoti and Shabd meditation we naturally experience these benefits.

Benefit of Meditation
Benefits of Meditation for the Mind

You have been observed that during a day our mind is always filled with a number of thoughts but when we sit in the silence and in meditation, our focus shifts on the seat of the soul, the third eye and we commence to quiet the mind. Our mind becomes peaceful and do not get bothered by the problems we face around us. Meditation helps us attaining sustain concentration. With reduced stress and tension, renewed energy coupled with concentration helps us achieve success in our worldly activities. This is how we become more efficient and productive plus better equipped to deal with the life challenges.

Benefits of Meditation for the Soul

The two types of meditation not only benefits the body and the mind but the soul as well. A part of God, our soul is separated from its divine source. And by practicing Shabd meditation we can return to our true place. As we connect with the powerful current of light and sound within us, it empowers our soul and we rise up in the dimensions of higher consciousness. This is a purely spiritual experience. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj encourages us to meditate regularly. The empowered soul is our true nature and a tremendous source of wisdom, love, and power. By focussing our attention within we are able to experience the connections with God and inner realms and also fulfilling the true purpose of our existence.

Benefits of Meditation for World Peace

When we practice meditation, we starts looking every living thing as a part of God. You can say this is the profound realization which brings about the fundamental change in our lives. We begin to consider them part of our family and love all people equally. If every person starts attaining inner peace through meditation and love all, then it will not be long before peace conquers on this planet. This is how we will live in peace and harmony. And our personal attainment of peace will contribute to the happiness and peace of the earth.

SantRajinder Singh Ji says, It is a divine spirit inside us from which our wisdom and intelligence is derived. And we call the process of gaining that divine spirit and wisdom is meditation. We can have the key to human unity if we convert our knowledge to wisdom through practicing meditation. Ultimately these transformations will bring about the peace and unity among communities nationally and global levels.