Sunday, 7 May 2017

Ethical Living- A stepping stone to spirituality

Ethical Living
Living an ethical life is an essential part for the spiritual growth. Saints always stress on the importance on living an ethical life and following it through the ages.
Our regular practice remain to save our homes from intruders but in actual how many of us bother about the intruders who enters our real home, our mind and body. Unintentionally, we have allowed some robbers to enter our real home and they are causing chaos. And these are the robbers like greed, attachment, anger and ego.
The way we always being so careful about keeping the thieves out of our homes, have we ever bothered the same way to keep away the robbers of negativities from our inner home? Somehow they have sneakily and silently snuck into us. Following are the causes they make within us:
·        They cause us to be angry.
·        They provoke impure thoughts within us.
·        They make us tell lies and be deceitful.
·        They make us greedy and selfish.
·        They cause us intolerant and filled with hatred towards others.
The conclusion of this is that they are becoming the thieves of our true gift- spiritual life. In spite of growing spirituality we are getting trapped up in the bad traits.
The true wealth in our life is our soul and connection to God within us. For the bad activities of these thieves we cannot miss the wealth we have within us. These thieves become the obstacle whenever we want to meditate. When we try to become ethical people, these thieves drag us in their never ending play of insanity. When we want to be selfless, they keep us occupied in the thoughts of our own needs. And this is how we are losing the peace of our mind. We try to be calm but they drag us into the state of turmoil.
Our soul is filled with goodness and virtues like purity, truthfulness, humanity, love for everyone, non-violence and selfless services. Unluckily the influence of our mind on our soul is so powerful that keeps us engaged in activities that are not honorable or divine. Soul is a drop of lord but the mind distracts in the activities that keep us engaged in greed, anger and attachment.  These traits that hold the mind are not good for our spiritual growth and ethical living.
How can we get rid of these robbers?
The robbers usually run away when they see the police. Now who can be the police officer who can help get rid of the robbers who have taken possession of our mind. The Masters have given us the police officer of meditation.
By practicing the art of meditation, we can get away the thieves, who are becoming the obstacle in our union with the God. 


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