Friday, 12 May 2017


The Art of Meditaion

Art of Meditation

Every spiritual tradition recommends same form of meditation to help achieve a peaceful life. Whether you call it prayer with attention or contemplation it is the best way of getting a fulfilling life. We can experience bliss and happiness unlike anywhere in this world.

There are two types of meditation which Sant Rajinder Singh Ji tells us: that’s Jyoti and Shabd meditation. We can focus on the inner light by the technique of Jyoti  meditation. And Shabd meditation is a higher level technique taught at the time of initiation, which focuses on the inner light and sound.
Divine light and sound of god are found in every religion. We call it by different names as Shabd, The Holy Word, Voice of Silence, and lots more in various religions.

Aiming our Attention

All day long our thoughtfulness, the external expression of our soul, remains going out into the world through our five senses of sight, smell, sound taste, and touch. Through Jyoti and Shabd meditation, we withdraw our attention from the outer world and focus it at the seat of the soul, the third eye, located between and behind the two eyebrows.

When we learn the art of meditation, then we can collect our attention at the third eye and also come in the contact with the sound and light of God which is in each and all of us. We can easily have bliss on the spiritual journey through the divine connection of God. The best part of the meditation is the joy found when we focus within stays with us even if u keep up with your daily activities.


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