Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Selfless-Service Throws Open Opportunities

Serve Oneanother

Nowadays, we get to hear lot in media about the people who are famous. We usually get inspired by the stories of those people who risks their lives to save someone else. Those who have helped humanity and lost their lives in the process are raised to martyrdom. This happens rarely that someone choose to giving up his life in order to save someone else’s life. Actually there are lot of opportunities we come across daily to help somebody in lot of ways. That sacrifice may be of any kind, like money, time or skills. As seen, there is no shortage of opportunities to give something for common good.  
"A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who really deeply cares."
There is one great story of a wealthy man. The man was working with a layer in preparing hi will because the lawyer was really impressed with both the money he had accumulated and the numbers of people are there who is serving him. The man felt that he is succeed in his life as lot of people are serving him.
Now it’s a turn for his judgement. He was actually feeling that he will get a good placement in heaven just because he had been so successful in life. When his turn came, the angel did not approve his entry in heaven through the entire record he has.
He asked angel that what do you mean? “Didn’t you see how successful I was and how many people served me?
Then the reply from angel came as “For entry in heaven we do not measure records of hom many people have served you instead how many people you have served. Unluckily, your entry in heaven is denied, because you have served only yourself in your life.
This story indicates a powerful lesson. So many people focus on building up their own empires. Through this they disregard the purpose for which God have granted him the human body. People who live for others are true human beings. Consider which people from history are best remembered. Are they the people who had others serving them, or are they the ones who served others? There are some scriptures say that if God wanted only devotion; the angels were there for that purpose. But God wanted to create beings that would serve others, thus God created humans.
 As life is full of opportunities to do selfless-services for others. We can help by doing spiritual service, intellectual and physical. And physical services are those activities which are performed to meet their primary needs in life which are shelter, food, clothing and safety.
There is also an intellectual need. Many people are there who fulfil the intellectual needs of the society- Professors, teachers, journalists and writers. There is an inherent need in humanity to find out about God and to know who they are. Service of the soul is helping seekers satisfy their spiritual quest.
If one wants to truly perform the selfless service then one must act without any desire for a reward and gratitude. One must be motivated by the innate desire to help each other. Truly selfless people don't expect anything in return for their deeds. In the act of giving, one forgets own needs and wants. In fact selfless service brings about the highest reward- that is Divine Grace. And this is the most desirable gift we can have through selfless service. Our heart expands and our soul opens up, whenever we help someone. As our love for others flows out, God's love for us can pour in.  


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